Tom C. (Fenton)

Tom C. at Cyclefit
  • Any Nickname?  “According to Dwight, ‘The Bicycle Improver'”
  •  What exactly is it that you do here? “Fix bikes, Rail-Trail Guide, put people on bikes they’ll love”
  •  What is your greatest cycling accomplishment?  “I once rode 160 miles to Coleman for pizza”
  • “If I controlled the I-Pod in the shop it would play… what?If I controlled the I-Pod in the shop, they would chase me down with sticks” [Ed. Note: No Tommy’s were harmed in the making of this staff interview]
  • “I am super pumped about…” what? “More Rail Trails and City bike paths being built”
  • Favorite quote?  “Saving the world, one bike at a time”
  • When selecting performance enhancing products you prefer…?  “Ham, ground beef, and extra cheese…light sauce”
  • “Before I die I want to …”what?  “See the US connected by Rail Trails and bike lanes”