The moment bike fitting becomes inflexible, is the moment that it loses its benefit to the rider.

Most in the industry admit that bike fitting is often subjective and at best a “soft science”, yet you rarely hear mention of that truth in the marketing for their fitting systems, methods or studios. At CycleFit, we think honesty matters. This is why we utilize Applied Fitting which is more important than lasers or fancy gimmick devices. Our smart-trainer system is designed to measure your pedaling efficiency and its effect on your heart rate, cadence, wattage and power output when cycling on your own bike and in real time.

Rocket Science Fitting Lab is a no-nonsense fitting program. We combine years of professional experience and combine that with series of applicable and useful elements from research performed by industry pioneers and experts. Rocket Science Fitting Lab fits your bike to you, applying the appropriate science when and where it’s needed, and we make a point to regularly challenge current fitting science (including our own methods). With that being said, we do not force a square peg through a round hole and we integrate coaching into the fit. Tips, techniques and expert coaching appropriate for your riding style are integrated into the fitting session. Cycling is like a 2-hour golf swing, you’ll need more than properly fitted equipment to achieve success with your goals. We know this, not because a manufacturer told us so, but because we’ve got decades of first-hand experience on this exact topic.

Not all “certified fitters” are created equal, and our belief is that many lack the required industry experience and understanding of kinesiology to excel at providing the best fit for a rider. The bigger names in the industry beg to differ and have ample formulas and quick and easy applications to ease this process for untrained staff; interpretation in the absence of experience or education is dangerous. Thankfully expert bike fitting is not an exact formulaic process and therefore cannot be franchised. Everyone is different in their physical proportions, flexibility, conditioning, injury history & tolerances; so it is unrepresentative to state that a standard formula could adequately serve everyone. Insert our resident fitting specialist.

We don’t just impress you with measurements; we support the fitting with coaching.

Dr. Robert Bunnell, PT, DPT, MEd, CSCS

Robert comes to the Rocket Science Fitting Lab and CycleFit family with over 10 years of cycling industry experience as not only a capable shop mechanic, but also as an accomplished cyclist. His first experience of getting into the sport of cycling was in his preparations for an 1,800+ mile cross country bicycle tour from Ypsilanti, MI to Newport, OR when he was studying exercise science at Eastern Michigan University… and riding a poorly fit 1980s Raleigh Grand Prix.

Since then he has upgraded his ride(s) and has also expanded his educational background; obtaining his master’s degree in exercise physiology from Cleveland State University as well as his doctorate of physical therapy from D’Youville College of Buffalo, NY.

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