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Did you know???  We will fix ANY bike (not just bikes we sell!)  We offer FREE estimates on all repairs and can let you know what your bike needs to get running smoothly.  Book an appointment, or just swing in.  Quick turn-around, knowledgeable mechanics, friendly service, and competitive rates.  Call or stop in today! 

  • Plus Parts [LA1001] Single Speed Bikes ONLY $65
  • [LA9000] Consists of; front and rear brake adjustments. front and rear derailleur adjustments, headset and bottom bracket adjustments. The CyclefiX Tune-Up also includes truing the front and rear wheels as well as adjustments to the front and rear hubs. In addition to the tightening of all essential nuts and bolts, a full drive-train and cable lubrication and the proper inflation of your tires, you bike is cleaned and polished. The CyclefiX Tune-Up includes all of the adjustments necessary for the safe operation of your bicyle.
  • Plus Parts and Shipping
  • Includes the full CyclefiX Tune-Up package with the addition of in-house shock service. Additional labor and shipping fees may apply for shocks requiring return service to the manufacturer.
  • Plus Parts
  • Services performed: Complete disassembly of the entire bike. All of the components are cleaned, new bearings installed throughout (bottom bracket, headset hubs), all new brake and derailleur cables, truing of the front and rear wheels and the frame is also thoroughly cleaned and waxed before reassembly. After the bike has been reassebled it is adjusted, test ridden and rechecked.