Adam B. (Fenton/Saginaw)

What exactly is it that you do here? “Sales, Mechanic” Any higher learnin’ on your resume? “Bachelor o f Science – Environmental Planning” How did you end up here? “Toys R Us closed” Favorite Cyclefit moment? “Seeing kids smile when they get a new bike” Whaddaya do when yer not riding? “kayak, jet ski, reading” What’s your greatest cycling accomplishment? “Building mileage – up to 12 mile rides” “Before I die I’d like to….” what? “Travel out West”

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Robert B. (Fenton/Saginaw)

Any nickname? “Doctor Bob” What exactly is it that you do here? “Make sure Matt knows where he left the phone and let him know that it is still on… (wrench and professional bike fitter)” What is it about you that makes everyone else envious? “Probably my ruggedly handsome good looks and my ability to eat a Grande Combo Meal from Taco Bell in one sitting…” What’s your greatest cycling accomplishment? “Cross-country bicycle tour in 2008, was able to ride roughly 1,800mi from Ypsilanti, MI to Newport, OR” “I am super pumped about…” what?: “GRAVEL!” “Nobody knows I’m….” what? “I…

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Spencer N. (Saginaw)

Any Nickname? “Spensive” What exactly is it that you do here? “Fix, build, sell, smile” What bikes do you have? “What bikes don’t I have?” What is the first bike you ever worked on? “My little 16″ Batman bike” Your favorite eats? “I live for Nutella” “If I controlled the music in the shop I would only play”…. what? “Come on in and listen” “Nobody knows I’m”…. what? “Completely BSing when it comes to talking BMX”

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