Bethany M.

What exactly is it that you do here? "Everything on 'THE LIST'"Favorite Cyclefit moment? "Anytime I laugh so hard I can't breathe would make the list"What is it about you that makes everyone else envious? "My milkshake??"If you controlled the shop iPod, what would it play?  "I dig the Johnny Cash that plays now..."When selecting performance enhancing products you prefer...?  "Sleep!"What do you want to be when you grow up? "A permaculture/self-sustainable homestead owner."No body knows I'm...?  "A CNA....but, I like bikes better than nursing"

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Ron S.

Any nickname? "'Chief', apparently" What exactly is it that you do here? "Dodge solicitors, mostly" What's your greatest cycling accomplishment? "Its probably this little bike shop project I started." What was the first bike you ever worked on?  "A Mongoose BMX bike back in the `70's. Yes, I did get my fingers caught in the chainwheel.  And, yes, I've ridden freewheels ever since." "If I controlled the shop iPod it would only play..." what?  "Actually, I DO control the shop iPod and I play exactly what Jeff tells me to" What do you want to be when you grow up?…

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Who Doesn’t Like A Guarantee?

90 Day Trouble Free Guarantee

All Cyclefit bicycles come with our exclusive 90 Day Trouble Free Guarantee. This program covers your new Cyclefit bicycle against cable stretch, wheel truing, 1 flat tire, minor adjustments, major adjustments, first time broken parts and any labor involved to get you back rolling again. You just bought this bike, we’d like you to ride it and break it in worry free. (more…)

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