Matt C. (Fenton)

  • What exactly is it that you do here?  “Bi-pedal Apparatus Engineer
  •   Any higher learnin?  “School of Grand Blanc Cyclery”
  •   What is your greatest cycling accomplishment? “My many years of service in the industry”
  •   Your favorite eats? “Anything that can be Super-Sized”
  •   When selecting performance enhancing products you prefer…?   “Daytime or night-time?”
  •   Just who do you think you are?  “Some people think I’m a ‘Bike God'” [Ed. note: Matt is not a Bike God, however he is the only person I’ve ever met with a direct line to them!]
  •   “Before I die I’d like to…” what?  “See Ron eat a Whopper”