Ron S. (Fenton)

  • Any nickname? “‘Chief’, apparently”
  • What exactly is it that you do here? “Dodge solicitors, mostly”
  • What’s your greatest cycling accomplishment? “Its probably this little bike shop project I started.”
  • What was the first bike you ever worked on?  “A Mongoose BMX bike back in the `70’s. Yes, I did get my fingers caught in the chainwheel.  And, yes, I’ve ridden freewheels ever since.”
  • “If I controlled the shop iPod it would only play…” what?  “Actually, I DO control the shop iPod and I play exactly what Jeff tells me to”
  • What do you want to be when you grow up? “Young again, like every grown-up does!”
  • “Nobody knows I’m….” ? “A jet Captain in real life”